My current affiliation is with Aalborg University in Copenhagen, where I hold a position as associate professor.

Before joining Medialogy in 2008, I was doing post doctoral research with Prof. David Huron at Ohio State University (2006), and with Prof. Eckart Altenmüller at Institute for Music Physiology and Music Medicine in Hannover (2007-2008), on a Marie Curie fellowship.

My research has included studies of movements and timing in drumming, perception of timing and rhythm, and the expressivity in players' movements. Some of this was included in my PhD Thesis: "On the beat: Human movement and timing in the production and perception of music"
I have been working in the European projects The Sounding Object (SOb) and Multisensory Expressive Gesture Applications (MEGA). For MEGA I was very involved in putting up the interactive game Ghost in the Cave. I was also a Swedish delegate for the cost action 287 ConGAS - Gesture CONtrolled Audio Systems.

Research interests:

  • Drumming
  • Players' motor control and interaction with the instrument
  • Production and perception of timing and tempo
  • Capture and analysis of expressive movement gestures